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We provide a wide range of branding tactics and marketing strategies to increase customer trust and your business revenue. Our creative business analysts expand your business using the latest digital marketing tools & industry specific knowledge

Our Services

Digital marketing team of Techylem will work with you to create an online marketing plan that will attract more quality visits to your site and convert those visitors into leads and sales. So, for what exactly are you waiting?
Contact us immediately and start dominating the web.
Techylem offers a one-stop-shop for all of your digital demands by employing various digital marketing techniques to achieve ideal outcomes for our valued clients. Some of those services are listed below;

Digital Identity

Our team of experts will help you to devise a memorable name for your brand, design a professional logo for it and much more

Social media
Social media
Management / Marketing

Every business needs social media presence to be successful in this digital era. Our specialized team will help you to connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness and boost your leads and sales 

Website design
Website Design
Design and Development 

We design websites according to your organizational structure. Protection of your professional reputation is always our top priority

Online Shop
Online Sales

We help you setting up an online shop and get orders directly from your customers. We provide complete tech and business support in eCommerce 

Social media
Digital Recognition

We provide you with unique SEO and SEM strategies that enhance your brand awareness and ultimately boosts your sales

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Customers Retention 

Our consultants plot active strategies and follow top-notch Email Marketing trends to manage your customer base

Ignoring Digital Marketing is like

Opening a Business, but not telling anyone. Market Now >>

Benefits to Market Digitally

Businesses of all sizes benefit from digital marketing since it allows them to reach a large audience at a low cost. It enables for completely personalised marketing with so many powerful end results like;

  1. Increased customer loyalty with frequent communications
  2. Customer engagement at every step
  3. Enhanced brand image and credibility
  4. Improved conversion rates
  5. Trackable and measurable analytics
  6. Competitive advantage over others
  7. Precise targeting
  8. Exceptional client range
  9. Huge return on investment
  10. Increased sales & Conversions

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Our Vision
"To digitally revamp living standards around the globe"

Techylem aims to create a holistic society; by globally inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve excellence through innovative and dynamic technologies; by the provision of top-notch tech solutions

About Techylem

Techylem is a technology solution provider agency with the primary goal of producing high-impact solutions.

Our digital marketing tactics are developed to match the demands of any business to help them reach their goals both locally and globally. Working as a skilled digital marketing department, we give a hassle-free experience to our clients. Design & Development, Branding & Marketing, and Advanced Technologies are some of our specializations. We give careful attention to the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) when building products to satisfy the needs of our clients.

In Techylem, your company will be managed by professionals that will assist you in expanding your specialized market reach to offer goods and services to your target clients. Additionally, our co-founders are Ubaid Ur Rehman and Abdul Moeed who strive to assist the community by utilizing modern technology and effectively managing all the company's resources.

Moreover, Techylem has pleased and satisfied clients in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Pakistan, and other regions because of its futuristic techniques and promises to redesign living standards in society. 

Our Clients

///M Power Motorsports
Indus Pipes and Fittings
Miracle Farms USA
Smart Sticker
Mandle Design
Netzon Technologies
The Canigma
Web Studio Mollorca
Leap Runner
Snows Media
Hodos Analytix
PDM Consultores
Sleeves Up Agency
Little Green Space
Local Psyche
Twenty Six Digital

Our 6 Months Digitalization Plan

Our consultants plot active strategies and follow top-notch trends to manage your social media accounts. We customize your campaign management processes within 6 months only to meet the latest trends of the digital world.


Case Study

We start with exploratory research of our new client's services, then design a business model and the identification of a target audience. We also conduct detailed keyword analysis to create an appealing logo design and brand identity and set up their social media marketing platforms. During the same period, the web development process begins that includes web page layout, content production, graphic design, and purchasing of the web address.

Digital Existence

From the 2nd Month, we start the management of social networking sites for our clients. It entails client web page marketing that strengthens customer connections. We also set up an online store for e-commerce purposes if necessary.

Community Building

Activities in 3rd Month include advertising and maintenance of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and GMB. We optimize web pages with specific keywords for improved search visibility and traffic. The final shape to e-commerce set up is given during the same time.

Stay on top of searches

Marketing and management of social networking sites continue during this period. We also carry out website-based advanced SEO that involves a deeper understanding of Google application's workings. Lastly, the e-commerce setup gets updated.

Search Engine Marketing

In the fifth Month, search engine marketing (SEM) is carried out that provides a framework to gain more visibility in search engines and maximizes overall results. In addition to that, social media marketing and advanced SEO of the website are conducted. Lastly, lead generation is performed for improving client interest in a product or service with the purpose of its conversion into sales.

More personalized targeting

During this period, all the actions taken in previous months like search engine marketing, social media management, and advanced SEO of the website continue. Also, a marketing email involving advertisements, business requests, or soliciting sales is delivered to the prospective or existing customer.

We Digitize your Business

Techylem, as a digital marketing agency, targets to build a more holistic society by motivating and encouraging entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the world to achieve greatness.
Our worldwide network, sustainability subject matter knowledge, and significant digital capabilities enable businesses to achieve their goals. The step-by-step actions that are being carried out once a new client approaches us for their business advertising services are listed below in detail

Case study and Market research

Case Study & Market Research

We begin our journey with you by conducting a thorough case study and market research. According to us, a brainstorming session is a vital technique in market survey, and when used correctly, it offers your firm a lot of new insights. It provides information regarding market sales opportunities and competitors, which helps to stay competitive in goods and services in the longer run.

Target audience and keywords

Target Audience and Keywords Identification

Secondly, we invest a lot of our resources to ensure targeting and attracting the right audience. It is important to remember that defining your target audience and adequately conveying this to your team is the foundation of a successful business plan. We target earning traffic from the right people and with the right content throughout the journey for our clients.

Website, social media setup

Social Media Channels and Website Setup

Social media and website setup services are also counted as a critical stage of the process for us. We consider social media a reliable and effective tool for promoting your products and services. Clients are more likely to utilize your service if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites. Techylem goes from your basic profile set up towards advertising and audience-building processes, etc.

Marketing online

Boosting via Ads, SEO & SEM

Techylem also works to increase boosting through ad campaigns, SEO, and SEM for our respected clients. We focus on optimizing your website content, allowing it to appear naturally in the top search engine results. This step can make a massive impact on your company’s most important goals, like increasing your customer base and ultimate sales.

Support Management

Social Channels, Website, and Customer Support Management

The next step in the series is related to the effective management of social channels, websites, and customer support. Throughout the business’s lifecycle, Techylem promises to manage and analyze all their client-related customer interactions and social media handles to strengthen customer connections and aid in client retention. 


Increased sales

This last step is more of a reward than action. Because of all effective digital services, our promising client can reach increased sales and brand awareness

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business" 

- Bill Gates

Your business won’t survive without solid marketing strategies

Yes, you get it right. According to Embroker,
Only half of small businesses are estimated to survive 5 years or more. Businesses that aren’t implementing digital and traditional marketing strategies are becoming irrelevant, while those that choose to leverage this powerful tool will survive no matter what. Techylem will push out your competitors by introducing new marketing strategies and embracing latest trends.  

Why is digital transformation essential for business growth?

According to a recent study of experts, any business from small to large can’t breathe without going online. Digitalization is the need of any business, especially after Covid-19. Digitalization has taken businesses to a whole different landscape, and it needs continuous innovation in the ways of its working. Techylem has an innovative team of experts who will formulate proven strategies to boost your brand engagement and generate more traffic.


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About Us

Techylem is a technology solution provider agency with the primary goal of producing high-impact solutions.

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